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On a regular basis we bring you exclusive essential tunes for your pleasure. This time Graphic is taking over the hardstyle airwaves.

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  1. Wild Motherfuckers – Natural Born Raver
  2. Ran-D – I Am Legion (Original Mix)
  3. Warface & Delete – The Truth (Original Mix)
  4. Ran-D & E-Life – Firestarter (Original Mix)
  5. Warface & High Voltage – Sanctuary (Original Mix)
  6. Degos & Re-Done Vs. Jason Payne – Stomping (Original Mix)
  7. Warface & Regain – Wakin’ Up (Original Mix)
  8. Chain Reaction – Oldschool Style (Original Mix)
  9. Gunz For Hire – May God Be With You All (Original Mix)
  10. Deepack Ft. MC I See – Fight The Power (Extended mix)
  11. DJ Thera & Jason Payne – Hate Society (Original Mix)
  12. Regain & Typhoon – Ultimate Victory (Original Mix)
  13. Requiem – Killa Hilla (Original Mix)
  14. High Voltage & Endymion – Serpent (Original Mix)
  15. Adaro Ft. Danny Scandal – For The Street (Regain Remix)
  16. E-Force Ft. Luna – F*Ck This Nation (Original Mix)
  17. J.D.A. – Bass Moet Je Niet Horen (Jason Payne Edit)