B2C Takeover Podcast S14E19 – Mixed By: Midix

On a regular basis our B2C Artists will bring you some exclusive essential tune for your pleasure, so dance like nobody is watching, and sing like nobody is there. This time we are proud to give you the sound of Midix 

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TRACKLISTING – B2C Takeover Podcast S14E19- Mixed by: Dj Midix
01. Jeremy Rowlett – Forever (MIDIX edit)
02. Vitodito and Soulforce – Dreamer’s corner (original mix)
03. Artem Dultser – Brighter then sun (original mix)
04. Ivanshee – Fabled
05. Vadim Koks – Waterfield (Dailante remix)
06. Alex Morph – My heaven ft Natalie Gioia (original mix)
07. Jeremy Rowlett – Ever (original mix)
08. Nic Toms – Solar breeze (original mix)
09. Rafael Frost – Higher (Somna remix)
10. Innerpeace – Ataraxia
11. Aeron Aether – Sparks (Terry da Libra mix)
12. Naian – Zero motion (original mix)