Tritonal & Sj release acoustic version of ‘Hung Up’ ft Emma Gatsby

With over 9 million plays to date, Tritonal’s Hung Up has given the American producer duo another major hit. Ranked inside the Top 400 most listened to acts in the world on Spotify, it was the latest in a long line of hits from their studio in Austin, Texas, and they’ve now given the well-loved track a stunning new lease on life in this superb acoustic version.

The track is stripped down to its bare essence, with Emma’s mesmerising vocal sounding resplendent over those hushed piano chords. Male vocal harmonies from Sj lift the tracks gently in the choruses, just the slightest of touches that provides a wonderfully subtle contrast. When you boil a song down like this to nothing more than simple chord progressions and vocals and it’s still a captivating listen, you know you’re dealing with true quality.

The intimate video shows the track being recorded in real time and show that no studio trickery was necessary to make this sound as glorious as it does.
With five Billboard’s Airplay Dance Chart Top 10s to their name, Tritonal are steadily conquering the airwaves and this new beauty looks set to increase their appeal even further into the mainstream.