The Mixx is going to be turned into a Techno Temple

Record label Buddha Music doesn’t only bring you characteristic tracks and –albums. They also organize parties, where the artists of the future are going to step into the DJ Booth. The first edition of the Buddha Music events is going to take place in the Skyroom of the Mix in Kerkrade, on Saturday the 23rd of February. In collaboration with B2Control this event is going to be held every two months. During the first edition, national techno/techhouse/deephouse dj’s will set the tone for this new event.

In these hectic times that we live in makes us do things just to be doing things. We just can’t stop. We want to do so many things in a short period of time. We don’t think about our true feelings anymore and there for we place everything in cubicles. Happiness can be found thru simplicity and not complexion. This is what Buddha Music stands for. We are going back to our origin, back to where it all started. Let the cubicles go and enjoy the rugged baselines and steely beats and the deep harmonic groove that our Buddha Music artists will give to you.

Line up:
Tom Welling (Minimahlzeit – NL)
Argyle Hes (Driehoek/Deep! – NL)
Ciryo (Extrema – NL)
Mogwai (Eivissa – NL)
The Rascals (Secretz – NL)

Put this in your pocket diary. Buddha Music will be in de Skyroom of the Mixx on the following Saturdays’: 23rd of February, 27th of April and 29th of June. You can buy your pre-sale tickets at or for €7,50 p.p. Tickets at the door are €10 p.p. Keep in touch of all the updates for Buddha Music and became a member of