Samurize release exclusive new electro track ‘Killer Instinct’

Japan’s pop sensation releases electro track!

Samurize, part of Exile Tribe, is one of the biggest dance squads in Japan and they have just released an incredible tune on Afrojack’s imprint label Wall Recordings. ‘Killer Instinct’ is an electro banger made for the dancefloors. The track has an extremely high level of energy and features samples from the popular video game also named ‘Killer Instinct’. During his performance at Ultra Japan, Afrojack played the track accompanied by an exclusive performance by the dance sensation itself. Even though the track was premiered over three months ago, the dust has definitely not settled so far and with it being released on Monday December 14 it still has a long way to go.

Samurize is part of the extremely popular Japanese pop-group Exile Tribe. Exile Tribe is known for their impressive stage production and Samurize elevates the performance with their interesting use of LED lights. Their shows are an overall experience, covering every aspect from visual entertainment to top of the line music. After taking their home country of Japan by storm, they’re now ready to conquer the rest of the world. With the release of their new track ‘Killer Instinct’ on renowned Dutch DJ Afrojack’s label Wall Recordings, they’ve taken that first step.

‘Killer Instinct’ comes with a music video which you can watch via: