Out Now! Nachtamt – Enhanced Awareness EP

Fading the lights so ears can pick up his finely poised frequencies, Rotterdam’s Nachtamt feathers emotion from deep within as ‘Enhanced Awareness’ stimulates through a perpetually plaited synth cycle of Tinkerbelled keys.

Its reassurance and tranquillity receiving kisses of trepidation is the cue for Australian MUUI to inspect the arena’s underbelly, lying in wait with malevolent style in a remix of who blinks first. An aggressor with the most perfect poker face, delighting in refusing to confirm your worst fears.

‘A Minority of One’ slows the BPMs and explores an orchestral-electronic relationship. Still working in revered tones, Nachtamt gives chillout rooms thoughtful nourishment, with yearning strings poring at spotty radar blips. Taken down into deep seas, Estroe’s remix provides womb-like dancefloor security. Expansive, strong yet an intimate unlocking of the imagination, its clinical trajectory brings back Nachtamt’s sense of unity full circle.

Nachtamt – Enhanced Awareness EP is out from today on Rosedale Records and available on Beatport and all other online music retailers.

Beatport: btprt.dj/1Z7PBjm
Soundcloud: bit.ly/1OrmLCY