Oliver Heldens will make a free dive for cleaner oceans

This October, Oliver Heldens will make a spectacular freedive, under the supervision of free diving worldrecord holder (130 mtrs) Nanja van den Broek. With his free dive, Heldens and the Mission Live Foundation are asking for worldwide public attention to the cause of clean oceans without plastic soup.

In cooperation with World Wildlife Fund and the Plastic Soup Foundation, Heldens and the Mission Live Foundation will indicate the issue of enormous amounts of plastic waste that are globally threatening marine life, to a worldwide audience. At the bottom of his free dive (about 40 meters/130 feet deep), Oliver will enter an underwater studio to stage the underwater dance event ‘Dance from the Deep.’ The event will take place mid-October during Amsterdam Dance Event. The free dive and the underwater dance event will be streamed online to a worldwide audience.

With this unique underwater performance, Heldens supports Mission Live Ocean, an initiative founded to raise awareness for the issue of Plastic Soup and to reduce damage done to the environment globally. Mission Live Foundation’s aim is to make people aware and to practically involve them in the issue, by raising funds and realizing campaigns. The foundation supports Oliver’s performance, under the name ‘Mission Live Ocean’, by making several cross media productions and by organizing campaigns to fund programs of the Plastic Soup Foundation and World Wildlife Fund to fight the ‘plastic problem’.

Heldens will make a ‘so-called’ free dive in the ocean to create more awareness for the severe amounts of plastic in the oceans. Quote Oliver: “I am very shocked by the scope of it, and I therefore would like to help to make this issue publicly known.”

To realize the freedive successfully, Heldens will go through a professional training program created by Nanja van den Broek, the world record holder in free diving (130 meters/426 feet deep). Quote Nanja van den Broek: “It’s amazing to see how Oliver experiences the training and the way he commits himself wholly to this cause. He is doing very well, and I am, like everyone, very curious what depth he will reach in October.”