Joris Voorn reworks ‘You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos’ by Sebastien Mullaert

Fresh from the beautiful collaborative fusion of his and Ulf Eriksson’s unique, boundary-blurring, moment-in-time ‘The Dance’, Sebastian Mullaert returns with another future-focused dispatch from his secretive soundlab tucked away deep in the Swedish forests.

An eight minute freeform jazz-minded jam that owes just as much to Bugge as it does the Belleville Three, ‘You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos’ is a luxurious, lolloping groove peppered with cosmic improvisation and a faraway star-gazing spoken word. It’s also a discussion on the chaos of shared perception and the paradox of cosmic harmony.

Dutch label boss Joris Voorn has also offered his own interpretation of Mullaert’s musical molecules: strapping us tightly into his euphoric rocket, he provides a deep trip into peak time nebular.
Joris Voorn: “My remix for Sebastian started out sounding quite close to the or track, just a bit more techno. But along the way the melodies came, they became more and more prominent, and finaly took over the entire mix.I was left with a haunting but beautiful melody that developed over time and created total euphoria on the dance floor.”

Grab your copy of ‘You’re An Orchestra In The Cosmos’ with the Joris Voorn remix now on Beatport: