HI-LO remixes Moby’s classic ‘Go’

Having already showed his skill in reinterpreting dance classics with his reworks of Da Hool Meet Her At The Love Parade and Wildchild’s Renegade Master, Oliver Heldens once again dons his HI-LO guise for a fresh rework of Moby’s legendary Go.

He resists the temptation to go OTT with this solid-gold anthem, instead crafting a dark and subtle groove that blends techno and tribal flavours in superb fashion. Chunky, galloping percussion rides of his slowly morphing growls of bass, with old skool stabs punctuating the groove. The original’s epic synth chords live on in the breakdowns, giving a blissed-out contrast to the heads-down stomp of the groove.

Moby is one of the the biggest-selling electronic producers of all-time, with his roots in crafting rave and techno bangers before he began making more mellow downtempo tracks. Even in those years he was enlisting some of the world’s top dance producers to remix his tracks, including Ferry Corsten and Paul Oakenfold. In recent times, he’s returned to his dance roots, and after having discovered the fresh and wild sounds of HI-LO he personally asked Heldens to deliver a brand-new version fit for today’s dancefloors under his burgeoning, bass-heavy moniker.

Unsurprisingly, HI-LO has more than done justice to this hallowed track. While some of his generation have brutalised many a well-loved track from back in the day, Heldens is increasingly trusted to deliver the goods in tasteful fashion. Watch this one destroy dancefloors and festivals all summer long.