Heldeep Records, Drops debut EP

In July 2015, Oliver Heldens launched his very own label Heldeep Records with his debut release under his HI-LO moniker, ‘Renegade Mastah’. Since July, there have only been three releases on the label: two from HI-LO and ‘Scrub the Ground’ from Chocolate Puma, DJ Funk and Tommie Sunshine.

Now, on November 23rd Heldeep will have its fourth release a debut EP called Heldeep Talent EP Part I. This EP will feature four futuristic house songs from five very talented, young upcoming producers. The four singles include: ‘Hookah’ by Bojac, Death Ray Shake’s ‘I Can’t Stop’, a collaboration between Jonas Aden and Robby East on ‘Fall Under Skies’, and ‘Slip Away’ by Niko The Kid. The house vibe of this EP will keep your hips and feet rockin’ on the dancefloor…making you crave the Talent EP Part II!

The Dutch newborn producer, Bojac, takes us to the dark side of house music with his debut release, ‘Hookah’. The tune features light, melodic breakdowns and buildups that lead into a very heavy drop. This one will definitely be a huge first release for Bojac! Despite having small social media numbers, Death Ray Shake’s releases get quite a bit of attraction and global attention thanks to big names like Tiësto, Oliver Heldens, and Cazzette who have been providing early support for the up-and-coming Australian. His single, ‘I Can’t Stop’ brings a funkier, disco vibe to the EP.

‘Fall Under Skies’ is a more vocal-focused tune with bass-heavy, futuristic drops. One of the masterminds behind this tune, 19-year-old Jonas Aden is by far the biggest name on this EP with consistent support from the likes of Tiësto, Oliver Heldens, Nicky Romero, Don Diablo, DJ Snake, Steve Aoki, and Borgeous. All of his releases thus far have acquired around 500,000 plays each. The other collaborator, Dutch young gun, Robby East has gained a lot of traction the last few months due to his future house original, ‘Battlefield’ and now this song coming out on Heldeep. Last, but certainly not least, Niko The Kid brings us ‘Slip Away’, which is a super hypnotic record that features beautiful piano chords and drawn out, faded vocals. Niko is the only U.S.-based artist on the EP (hailing from Atlanta, Georgia), and has had a lot of hype around him due to his successful originals and remixes.

Heldeep Talent EP Part I is released on Heldeep Records today!