Blasterjaxx tease ‘XX Files EP’ with epic vocal anthem Collide

It’s finally almost here. Blasterjaxx will release their long-awaited full 8-track EP XX Files on March 10. A collection of brand-new stunners as well as some tracks that have popping up in their sets for over the past few months, the collection is set to show their diversity like never before and has fans chomping at the bit for its release. New single Collide is the first breathtaking teaser for the collection, finding the duo in anthemic and joyous mood.

This radio-friendly epic centers around a spine-tinglingly euphoric vocal whose mood recalls classic trance belters. Dramatic drums throb alongside offbeat bass pulses in the intro verse, with the chorus/breakdown decked out with big piano chords. A fierce synth lead raises out of the depths, slamming hard into focus on the drop and supported by a phat chords and bass pairing. The energy of this main riff is in stark contrast to the blissed out vocal, and the fizzing euphoria of the melodies works brilliantly in tandem with the emotion of the lyrics.

The duo will follow up Collide with another belter in the form of Black Rose on February 27 before XX Files finally drops on March 10. Black Rose is announced to be the second official release of the EP but in typical Blasterjaxx fashion, we might be in for more. The reactions to the new tracks have been nothing short of incredible, providing the litmus test that suggests the EP is going to make serious waves.