Arty releases free ‘League Of Legends’ game remix

It’s no secret that Russian EDM star Arty is big fan of video games. He’s vocal about his passion on social media, and will soon launch his own channel on gaming TV platform Twitch.

First though, he’s become part of the huge ‘League Of Legends’ video game world that he’s a huge fan of, remixing one of the soundtrack’s standout anthems as part of a free compilation.

War Songs is a compilation of remixes of music featured in the game that’s being given away free to League Of Legends players, and Arty has sprinkled some of his signature magic over the track Worlds Collide.

It’s a fierce take on a graceful vocal track which slowly but surely builds through layers of blissed-out atmospherics. Rasping, detuned swathes of electro gradually swell in prowess as we had for the euphoric breakdown, where honeyed female vocals glide over classic trance arps. A restrained yet dramatic build then drives us towards a full-throttle electro overload for the track’s conclusion.

Arty says he feels honoured to be part of this album, and he hopes the passionate League Of Legends community will love it as much as he loved making it.

Tracklist ‘War Songs’
1 Piercing Light (Mako Remix)
2 Edge of Infinity (Minnesota Remix)
3 Welcome to Planet Urf (Jauz Remix)
4 PROJECT: Yi (Vicetone Remix)
5 Flash Funk (Marshmello Remix)
6 Let The Games Begin (Hyper Potions Remix)
7 Worlds Collide (Arty Remix)
8 The Glory (James Egbert Remix)
9 The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix)
10 Lucidity (Dan Negovan Remix)
11 Silver Scrapes (ProtoShredanoid Remix)