Afrojack releases the first episode of ‘Behind The Wall’ Docu-series

The ‘Behind The Wall’ documentary series follows Afrojack and his team of Wall Recordings artists to showcase their work, life and travels. In this first episode, the Wall family illustrates their focus on making their true fans happy, while having fun behind the scenes at the Miami Music Week. Afrojack’s reputation of being a mentor, creative visionaire and skillful producer are incredibly well documented in this uniquely edited introduction.

In the first episode you will get to follow Wall artists Ravitez and Oliver Rosa in their hometown and get a glimps of their everyday life, right before Afrojack takes you with him to Miami. Here you get to follow him from his Wall Recordings/Jacked Pool Party, where he introduces all of the Wall Artists to a straight to the Ultra main stage where he is joined on stage by Fais and Ravitez! The documentary is hosted by Afrojack’s longtime friend, MC Ambush.

Check out the first episode now on Youtube.