Interview: Jarah Damiël

1) Who’s Jarah Damiël and where do we know you from ?
Jarah Damiël de Jong, artist name Jarah Damiël started in 2004 with dj’ing. After a lot of practice I was asked to show my skills on small birthday parties. From there on it went fast. Bigger parties came in sight. In 2008 there was a real flow of bookings. Almost every weekend I was booked. I never expected this when I started DJ-ing.

In 2008 I signed my first track, A Trip To, on B2Control. When that track was released, it already became tune of the week in the Electro House/House chart in Dance Tunes. After this release, also remixes have been made from A Trip To. The Rolvario Remix was doing very good. Roger Sanchez played it in his radio show Releases Yourself episode 444 with guest dj’s Pastaboys. That tune was also released on a few compilations.

2) What are you doing at the time ?
At the time I am studying web development. Besides studying I produce music in my spare time and run my own web design company. So I’m quite busy.

3) At what age did you discovered that you want to do something with music, and how did you discovered that you wanted to be a dj ? At the age of 15 I listened to a lot of Techno live sets, at home and on the go, on my MP3player. Listening to the transitions of the DJs, I thought ‘how would I make the transition if I was a DJ? ’ A good friend of mine owned cd-players and sometimes I was invited to come over to learn how to mix. One day Jarah decided to buy cd-players and a mixer.

4) When did you start producing your own tracks, and how do you come to your ideas ?
In 2008 I started with producing my own tracks. In the beginning it was just exploring how Fruity Loops works. Reading a lot of stuff about producing, watching tutorials, listening to the arrangement of other tracks, rebuild them to understand the drums and giving it my own sound. That was a tough period. When I started with producing , releasing my tracks was such a big dream for me but I did it.

I listen to a lot of house tracks for inspiration and ideas. I also listen to other styles of music. Producing with other friends helps me a lot to develop my producing skills. And sometimes use other things like I normally do when I build a track.

5) Who’s your biggest Idol and who do you look up to ?
There are a lot of good producers, but Axwell is my most favorite one. This artist caught my attention when I listened to his live set ‘Ministry of Sound Sessions’ (2002?).

6) If you could have your own club night and five of your ultimate DJs playing, who would they be ? When I have my own club night I will choose for: Avicii, Swedish House Maffia, Eddie Thoneick, Norman Doray and D.O.N.S.

7) What are your plans for the future ?
My plans for the future are making a lot of good tracks, having international gigs and work work work to get more exposer.