Interview: Gina Turner and Laidback Luke

First comes love then comes marriage. When it comes to this, DJs and performing artists seem to naturally gravitate toward each other – bonding over studio sessions, tour life and naturally, a love of everything creative. For this Valentine’s Day, we spoke to a swoon-worthy industry couple – Laidback Luke and Gina Turner – on what makes their marriages work and the adorable quirks that come along with them. #RelationshipGoals, indeed.

To celebrate all things love and marriage, Gina has whipped up an extra special Exclusive Mix for DJ Mag readers — stream her Valentine’s Day Special mix below. Tracklist can be found on the DJ Mag Soundcloud.

What’s your favorite thing about being married?
“Having someone who I really feel is my true partner in life. Plus, I love saying the word husband.”

What’s Luke’s annoying habit?
“One habit that drives me crazy is how Luke’s the slowest guy when exiting the plane; he really takes his time! I’m the opposite – I’m prepping the entire descent so I can jump into the aisle and leave. Luke waits until after the doors are opened to start packing up!”

What are three words that describe Luke?
Driven, amazing father and sexy.”

What’s the biggest myth about being married?
“I’d say the myth that I keep going back to is that a lot of people think marriage is the end of fun! I say it gets more fun with each day!”

When were you proudest of Luke?
“I’m proud of Luke every day! Obviously he’s a very skilled technical DJ, but he also has gold medals in Kung Fu! More recently, I’d say when I was recovering from my cesarean section he was the gentlest, loving and patient husband ever! Plus, he’s a hands-on dad.”

What is Luke’s odd quirk?
“He has a lot, but he’s always 15 minutes late! Always! I have to lie about the time all the time!”

What song best describes Luke?
“This is super tough, but I love our wedding song ‘Un-thinkable’ by Alicia Keys.”

When was the last time you got in trouble with Luke?
“He’s always calling me a hoarder! He nags on me to throw stuff away!”

What’s your favorite thing about being married?
“The most special thing for me is being able to call her my wife. To me it signifies our bond each and every single day and any time I call her that. Being married also means someone else and their family becomes your family. Family means a lot to me so being married into one is a big deal.”

What’s Gina’s annoying habit?
“Gina is way messier than I am. To her I might seem OCD but I like my space to be clear and everything living in the exact same spot always, but hidden. I like my clothes folded nicely, which I prefer doing myself. It keeps my mind at ease. Gina is much looser in that way.”

What are three words that describe Gina?
“Easy going, all caps always and a perfect match.”

What’s the biggest myth about being married?
“That it’s a fairytale. It’s not. Like family or a business even, you have to make it work and put proper time and effort into it.”

When were you proudest of Gina?
“When I found out what a wonderful mother she is. I always knew she had the potential, but I never realized she was going to be this good. Also the way she handles her work as a DJ, combining it with motherhood.”

What is Gina’s odd quirk?
“I love it when she giggles, it’s super catchy! I also love her frowning face, we call it her ’baguette’ face because in one of her oldest pictures with that face, she’s two and holding a baguette.”

What song best describes Gina?
“Sis’ ‘Nesrib’”.

When was the last time you got in trouble with Gina?
“I rarely do but being on tour a lot, I’m away way more than her and it can put a strain on the marriage, even when you’re married to a wife that’s a DJ. When I get home to her, I need to make sure I’m really there!”