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Bingo Players

Maarten Hoogstraten wasn’t like other kids his age. When he was 10, his friends were buying toys to play with, but Maarten was already spending his cash on viny... >>

Bjorn Wolf

DJ and producer Bjorn Wolf, born January 31st 1981, began his love affair with house music as a teenager. From there, it was only a matter of time until he star... >>

Carl Tricks

At a young age Dutchman Rutger Carl Baumer was a big music lover. In the 90’s he started to listen to house music. Not long after that he began to produce dance... >>


D-wayne has an exceptional awareness of music and the nuances of musical styles. He is able to detect nuances in music that others do not hear and has a very st... >>

Dave Lambert

DAVE LAMBERT is without a doubt one of the most influential DJ's in the Belgian HOUSE scene. Besides playing all the big national events like ID&T’s Sensati... >>


It all began in 1983. Niels Dieks AKA Deex was brought into this world. Music was already a big part of his life. He was listening to music day in day out with ... >>

Erick E

DJ and producer Erick E has spent over a decade at the pinnacle of Dutch House music. Since landing the Saturday-residency in Amsterdam’s legendary house temple... >>

Erick Morillo

There really is very little in the world of music and entertainment that Erick Morillo hasn’t turned his hand to. He’s a platinum-selling artist, he’s topped th... >>

Fedde Le Grand

Fedde le Grand stands on the edge of global superstardom. Behind him lies a glittering career that includes worldwide number ones, packed arenas, throbbing danc... >>

Ferry Corsten

Producer. DJ. Pioneer. Innovator. Visionary. He’s the man that singlehandedly initiated a revolution in a dance musicgenre -one that’s long since touched everyc... >>

Franky Rizardo

Franky Rizardo, born June 1st in the magical year of 1988, became interested in dance music at a young age. When he was just 14 years old his growing addiction ... >>


Funkerman, known to his postman as Ardie van Beek, (born 1975, Breda, The Netherlands), is a house DJ/producer and founder of Flamingo Recordings. From his fir... >>

Funz Young

Funs Nollen and Tim Young live in Roermond and Den Bosch, in 2013 they decided to collaborate as Funz Young. As resident DJ's of the Non-Stop Collective they ha... >>


Cousins, but also musical partners in crime, Timo Romme and Yordi Corsten are Groovenatics. Since their discovery by Ericke E, Groovenatics have not only establ... >>

Jasper Clash

Jasper Alderliesten started playing records at his age of 16. His career started at a local club in Zwijndrecht near Rotterdam. He was the youngest resident dj ... >>

Jay C

Being a prominent figure in the dance music scene with over 15 years experience playing many genres of house music from the deep & funky, vocal balearic vib... >>

Jonathan Pitch

When it comes to music, Jonathan is your go­ to guy. He has his childhood to thank for this, since he became very affiniated with music in its broadest sense at... >>

Kid Massive

Kid Massive aka Benjamin Pedersen, was raised in London. He relocated to Copenhagen in Denmark in the late 80 ́s where he became an active part of the electroni... >>

Kid Vicious

Kid Vicious is that rare thing in dance music: a DJ/ producer who understands the world of melodies, just as much as he understands the impact and power of the ... >>

Kriss One

Known in the music world as ‘Kriss-One’, Christiaan Victor Henri Breuer was born in The Hague on the 1st of February 1985. Kriss-One started his music career p... >>

Louis Bailar

Throughout his still young life Louis had encountered different styles of music, that made his sound of today. As a 6 year old he learned to play the synthesize... >>

Lucien Foort

Lucien Foort has been musically involved since his early youth. After studying saxophone and orchestra for eight years, he moves on to rock, rap and rave, playi... >>

Mac Brown

28 Year old Mac started out dj'ing not that long ago and already caused some serious damage on festivals and in clubs all around Europe. His passion for the 4 o... >>


Working worldwide dancefloors for several years now with her energetic sets. Her first solo release ‘Stabbing Sally’ was an instant hit on Renaissance & Roy... >>

Marvin Malling

Marvin Malling, originally from Leipzig, brought up in Dusseldorf, has already been to many Clubs in Germany- until now only as a normal guest, but we will hope... >>


Scott Mendez A.k.a DJ Monxa, one of the Colombian artists with the largest international projection. Since 2008 it has become one of the most recognized influen... >>

Oliver Twizt

Oliver Twizt began his musical pursuit as a member of DJ/producer duo Skitzofrenix . He soon found his own sound and pursued a solo-career, taking over the deck... >>

Pretty Pink

"Pretty Pink rockz" scream the fans, whose numbers are growing from event to event. Pretty Pink is a delight to the eye and the ear - her charm, her appearance ... >>

Prok & Fitch

Brighton boys Ben Prok & James Fitch joined forces after meeting in a record store in 2006. Both DJ’s in their own right with 18 years experience between th... >>


Quinten van den Berg was born in Den Helder in 1985. He would later be known as Quintino. Growing up in a musical family, Quintino was blessed with talent and ... >>


In a short period of time the ambitious Fadil El Ghoul A.K.A. R3hab, firmly established his name in the Dutch dance scene. After the successful remix of Chucki... >>

Rene Amesz

Few people have displayed the disciplined approach to producing that René Amesz has shown in the last decade. Churning out a steady stream of his unique and dir... >>

Rick Roblinski

Rick Roblinski started his career in the early 90 ties as an allround Dj. The energy in his sets in combination of using the microphone became his personal bra... >>

Ricky Rivaro

There’s something about Ricky.. Some people choose to be musicians, some stumble upon the profession and others are basically born into it. Meet Ricky Rivaro, ... >>

Robbie Rise

Robbie developed an intrest in music as a youngster growing up in the south of Holland. Before House music became a passion. He played the guitare and a bit bas... >>

Sandro Silva

Sandro Silva is one of Holland’s most promising new production talents. He is known for his broad, energetic sound that is so perfectly combined with a musical ... >>


It shouldn’t be too hard to tell a real thing from the next hype, especially for those who have been around long enough. A true artist, whether he’s spinning or... >>


This promising talent Edin Ibrahimovic aka ‘Skitzofrenix’ started at the young age producing 2step, hiphop & partybreaks and competed in online remix-produc... >>

Team Rush Hour

A spark ignites the very first moment that the brothers Omar en Branko Woudenberg known as Team Rush Hour spin the turntables. From that moment on the two broth... >>

The Shapeshifters

The Shapeshifters are Simon Marlin and Max Reich. Party people at heart, the pair met when Simon signed Max to the Down Boy record label that he worked for. Mu... >>

Addy Van Der Zwan

Since the beginning of the 90’s Addy van der Zwan ha s been working as a producer/ DJ with his musical partner in crime Koen Groeneveld. Addy released his first... >>

Youri Donatz

Youri Donatz began performing as a DJ in 1998. The dance scene interested him since the age of 12, when he lived in Apeldoorn. He began his career working for a... >>

Yves Sifa

The former hip-hop and house dancer said “I was always fascinated by music and dance since childhood. Dance was the catalyst, that sparked my understanding of h... >>