Ricky Rivaro

rickyrivaroThere’s something about Ricky..

Some people choose to be musicians, some stumble upon the profession and others are basically born into it. Meet Ricky Rivaro, a son of a professional church organ player turned DJ.

When the sun is near and the first visitors arrive at the beach, Ricky Rivaro prepares himself for his favorite time of the year. As a resident of Holland ’s largest and most known beach club Bloomingdale, and a compiler and mixer of the Sundale CD’s, Ricky Rivaro always brings the sun along in his record case. Disregarding the season.

While his classmates were still struggling with their future occupation choices, Ricky’s mind was made up at a tender age of fourteen. He was going be a DJ and a producer (sorry, dad!). He would watch DJ’s play at night and go to school during the day. But every spare minute he would either hang in a record store or terrorize the neighbors while practicing his mixing skills at home.

After first DJ gig at the DJ café in Harlem, Ricky was hooked. Desperately looking for some kind of a platform for himself, he decides that doing his own parties could be the way to go as he tries to get in touch with every promoter and or event organization in existence. After a year or two of hard ass networking and occasional gigging, Rivaro finally gets his big break when boys from ID&T (Holland’s biggest event organization) let him play at their own party’s.

Ricky “passes the DJ bar” in 2001: the crowd digs his style, ID&T is pleased with his performance and offers him a chance to play at their new beach club, Bloomingdale’s. He was even given the chance to host his own radio show, True House Music, which aired on Monday evenings on ID&T Radio.

Rivaro’s sunny sound and his ability to “get the party started (and going)” soon became Bloomingdale’s trademark, and Ricky himself became a part of Bloomingdale’s inventory.
Rivaro never fails to surprise the crowd; like his musical heroes Sandy Rivera, Erick Morillo and Roger Sanchez, Rivaro refuses to be labeled: he would play a tech-y record, an 80’s classic or even a bit of hip hop just as convincingly as he would play a soulful, vocal track. What’s his secret as a DJ?

“I am a progressive True House DJ, innovating, daring and wide in my choice of records. I can play energetic and I always play some of the latest records. I think I have a good sense of quality when it comes to music and I always have a good interaction with the audience. Last but not least, I know what the ladies want on the dance floor, that is important.“

Rivaro’s successful debut single “The Beat Inside” was released on the Big & Dirty label. After that he made “Real Mutant Disco” which was a collaboration with a friend and colleague DJ/producer Gregor Salto. This was followed by “In My Mind”, “Tell Me” and remixes for Carl Kennedy (Ride The Storm), Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso (Umbrella) and last but not least, a remix for Angel Moraes on Stealth Records (You Should’ve Said).