Oliver Twizt

olivertwiztOliver Twizt began his musical pursuit as a member of DJ/producer duo Skitzofrenix . He soon found his own sound and pursued a solo-career, taking over the decks with a fresh combination of electro, tech-House, indie dance/nu disco and urban cuts. His first release ‘Do The Monkey’, a co-production with MC Roga, stormed up the charts and rated highly among fellow DJs. Propelled into the fast-lane by this success, Oliver Twizt has quickly become a talented acquisition to the Dance scene and continues to delight many an ear. Here’s a look at what’s happening in 2010 and of course a flashback to how it all began…

OLIVER TWIZT’S 2010- New year, new beats… After a fairly quiet 2009, Oliver’s working hard releasing big tunes. His kick-off release is the Dutch titled ‘Wil Jij Dansen’ (ft Divine) on Spinnin Records! Which is madly supported by jocks like Robbie Rivera, Abel Ramos, Dimitri Vegas, Muzzaik and Baggi Begovic. ‘Gangsterdam’ follows on Laidback Luke’s Mighty Mixmash, with full support from Luke himself, Sidney Samson, Chuckie and David Guetta (quote: “I love the Oliver Twizt, it’s gangster!”) There’s also an EP on Diplo’s Mad Decent and he’s signed his tracks, ‘Headbanger’ and ‘Bimma’ (ft. Bassjackers), to Sneakerz Muzik. Things are hotting up overseas too – He’s joining forces with songwriter Jenson V and rapper Theory (part of Akon’s rap crew) for a co-production after gaining a lot of good radio response Stateside for his remix of the Theory track “We’ll Be Alright”. The boy’s gonna be busy – but he’s well on the way to making all his dreams come true!

Now for a short trip down memory lane:
1983- Born in Bilthoven, Raised in Utrecht (the Netherlands)
1996- Went to local record shops to just play Hardcore en Hiphop vinyls for hours, but never bought them …was pretty addicted to gangster rap but also seemed to like that ‘Ruffneck rules the Artcore scene’ stuff- pretty weird for a black kid..

2000- Millennium.. the sound of the new millennium infiltrated his parents’ ears when Oliver discovered the music making software Fruity Loops! He was so convinced he’d become the new Timbaland – he didn’t make it further than composing a number lame-ass Dutch bubbling remixes… BUT he was PROUD!

2003-Succesfully finished grammar skool, after a delay of 2 years, due to the fact that his main interests were making jackin’beats, going to clubs, girls and hanging round shopping malls after closing time…

2003-2006 A busy period, mainly focusing on his study of Industrial Design @ the Technical University of Eindhoven (The Netherlands). After 3 years of hard work he can finally call himself a Bachelor of Science.. and made mama proud! He then faced the most difficult choice in his life so far: going for the title ‘Master of Science’ or making those fidgety sounding techno shuffled ghetto beats. He decided to do both at first, but after 6 months the choice was made and it was full on MUSIC!