Kid Vicious

kidviciousKid Vicious is that rare thing in dance music: a DJ/ producer who understands the world of melodies, just as much as he understands the impact and power of the kick drum. Music was his first love, starting with a lust for hip hop that has developed into a true love of Electronic Dance Music. Known for his energetic DJ performances at most of the prestigious and renowned clubs on the planet, and for explosive main stage sets at the world’s premier festivals, Kid Vicious has earned his place in the dance industry.

Armed with a slew of new tracks and enough energy to power 24.000 homes, Kid Vicious is striking back hard and returning bigger than ever, with the now unmistakable brand new tracks ‘Bedrock’, ‘Out of Control’ ‘On Top Of The World’ – Ft. Anders Wigelius and his latest hit “Turn Your Lights On” – a co-production with D-wayne and featuring the Dutch superstar Jan Dulles.

In truth, the momentum has been building for the Kid for some time – from his globe- straddling track ‘Pants down spanking’, and ‘Contagious’, remixing for artists like Sean Paul & Kelly Rowland in 2012, to the anthem remix of ‘Punk’ of Ferry Corsten back in 2003.
As for his new musical arsenal – it’s receiving massive feedback from big boys like Tiësto, Calvin Harris, Afrojack, Quintino and Rehab – smashing clubs into tiny pieces wherever they are dropped.

Next to Kid Vicious big love for modern club tracks, a whole different side has been showing in the last couple of months. Euphoric sounding dance/pop tracks containing catchy vocals ready to conquer the charts worldwide are a fact. Collaborations with vocalists like Dutch superstar Jan Dulles and the popular Swedish singer Anders Wigelius are taking the Kid Vicious sound to a next level.

Playing all over the planet makes Kid Vicious one of the established DJs of this moment. Countries like UK, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland, Tunisia, Germany, Poland, Israel, Canada, Spain, USA and many more are already known with his enigmatic DJ set’s.

Even though that Kid Vicious has been absent for a short while whilst concentrating on other projects his name has never faded from the club land memory. The Kid’s hunger for success is stronger than ever and with an armory of upcoming tunes up his sleeve, the monthly Vicious Files radio show, and a worldwide touring schedule the Kid is more than ready to conquer the world once again!