deexIt all began in 1983. Niels Dieks AKA Deex was brought into this world. Music was already a big part of his life. He was listening to music day in day out with his big state of the art walkman to records that his dad recorded on tape. This went on for a long time, buying cd’s with his pocket money. He even made mixtapes with only a tape recorder and a cd player.

At the age of 17 Deex got the opportunity to buy his first turntables and mixer. He did not know anything about being a dj at that moment. His passion for music was so great that he began to practice/experimenting and learnt himself the skills to be a DJ. Short after that he djed at parties of friends and residencies followed.

He had his weekly residencies at clubs such as Emperium, Club Allure and former club Zinc where he made the crowd go wild with his energy and music. Next to his residencies he performed at several parties and club nights. His style is energetic and he likes to build op the tension towards every climax. His style is better described as a mix of House, Techno and Progressive house with a twist. He plays tracks that he loves, but still thinking about the crowd. Deex: “The crowd is the most important, without the crowd there is no party.”

At the age of 22 Deex bought his own studio equipment and started to produce his own beats and tracks. After a few years perfecting his sound Deex got his first release on Groovemasters, Baramuda & Ginkel – Alibi (Deex Remix). At this moment He signed 5 tracks that are scheduled to be released in 2010 at the new label of B2Control called 138 Trax.