dwayneD-wayne has an exceptional awareness of music and the nuances of musical styles. He is able to detect nuances in music that others do not hear and has a very strong feeling for rhythm.

At a young age he began experimenting with various music styles that resulted in a strong preference for Housemusic which he plays through all its genres.

In 2007 he began to provide the music at small parties and his reputation grew. He continued to receive positive feedback on the music he chose to play and how he strung the numbers together. Often he got a very positive response of popular deejays to sets he sent them as well as tips to help him develop his style.

In autumn 2008 he was given the opportunity to prove himself by playing at a trendy clothes store (that store is known for being a springboard for young up and coming deejays starting their careers). Shortly afterwards he was asked to DJ at a popular bar in the centre of Eindhoven. Here it was obvious that he had developed a high level of musical maturity, the crowd reacted very positively to his DJ style and the numbers he chose to play.
He had his first performance at a major event for more than thousand teenagers at pop venue De Effenaar in Eindhoven in December 2008. Although still a ‘rookie’ he demonstrated to everyone that he had a lot of talent and potential. Since that moment he performs very frequent at large events countrywide.

In 2009, nearly a half year after his first public performance, D-wayne was also been able to gain exposure at several 18+ events and a big outdoor festival. Again he proved that he is exceptionally talented and continually expanding his repertoire. From that moment on he is also being asked to DJ more and more at 18+ clubs and for 18+ events.

In 2010 he performed on talent stages in the line up of four well known outdoor festivals including 7th Sunday Festival, Daydream Festival in Belgium and Gigadance Festival. At the latter he was even given the opportunity to perform as stand in on mainstage.
Since his first live show in front of a large audience at the end of 2008 it is fair to say that D-wayne has gained much respect and popularity in the entertainment circuit. His breadth of talent, marked by his infectious choice of music and DJ style, has attracted the attention of many in the Netherlands as well as other countries in Europe and parts of the USA. He has residencies for 18+ clubs and is a ‘resident’ DJ for several event organizers.

D-wayne’s talent and passion for music also let him create music productions that are appealing to a large crowd. He has received contracts from record labels including the labels of internationally famous deejays. A track was released on Afrojack’s label “Wall Recordings” and climbed in the Beatport chart Top 100 within five days to place 28 and went in the Dance-Tunes chart Top 100 all up to the 5th place. On Steve Aoki’s label “Dim Mak Records” a track came out that was in February 2011 at the Winter Music Conference in Miami in the BUZZ Chart top 30 one of the thirty most important tracks in the dance industry at that moment.

Many A-list deejays including David Guetta, Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Sander van Doorn are supporting his productions. Even Armin van Buuren did on Queensday 2011 in Amsterdam a set for an audience of over 250000 people with D-wayne’s track in it that came out on Dim Mak Records.

He won the national Big Break DJ Contest in 2009 (organized by TMF during In The Talent Mix Room) and D-wayne’s roots and development are now being compared to those of established deejays. His sense of what the different aged audiences want to hear is highly developed. His ability and technical skills working with the DJ decks are becoming his calling card and he is being respected by an every growing group of fans.
Fellow deejays compliment his talent and often invite him to DJ together with them.

Many in the business foresee a big future for him on the DJ podium as well as in the field of producing tracks. It has often been said that at the rate he is developing, he could be a force to be reckoned with at the highest levels of the profession.