Baggi Begovic

baggibegovicAdjin Begovic, better known as Baggi Begovic, is one of Hollands most talented DJs and Producers. With his pure passion for music, great productions, remixes and collaborations with other great names in the scene Baggi proves that he is one of a kind. We all know the history from Baggi in the early years and that he came all the way from Bosnia to The Netherlands. Just to explore his musical mind and to work hard in the business of global house music. Baggi was ready for a whole new future and to leave everything that happened behind. He settled down in Rotterdam, one of the most influenced house cities of The Netherlands which represents a lot of big international names like Michel de Hey. Spending all his time and money on house records, producing big beats in his studio and entered all the night clubs in this country, Baggi was ready to tear all the clubs up with his new and own sound. By this time, Baggi is the most passionate and driven artist in The Netherlands and he’s just a small step behind for conquering the rest of the world…

We all know that he got his inspiration from Dutch superstar Erick E and the famous Deep Dish and we all know that Baggi is totally in love with house music. But it’s time to talk about the future that Baggi Begovic is gonna bring us, sweating on the dancefloor on his pure global house sound. Influenced by deephouse, tech-house, pure vocals and techno Baggi represents HOUSE music with huge capitals!

Since 2007 Baggi spent a lot of time in his newly built studio, which resulted in a lot of big tracks. He produced remixes for Sandy Rivera’s classic Freak and for David Penn from Spain. This was the first step for Baggi to play even more in all the nightclubs in The Netherlands and nobody could turn their back on him. Baggi now was surely on fire in the scene and also the international artists like DJ Exacta and Copyright saw that he was doing so well, that they also asked him to produce another slammin’ remix for their albums. With gigs from Rotterdam to Amsterdam and from Eindhoven to Utrecht Baggi was also the bandit for blowing some roofs off the clubs! It was the start of something beautiful and it even looked like a true fairytale. This deejay is really following his dream and nobody can’t stop Baggi Begovic! Check out his full discography to see all his major remixes for several big international names.

The summer of 2009 was hot, but it was even hotter for Baggi. Working around the clock in his studio in Rotterdam, Baggi produced some hot and spicy tracks for the speakers around the world. Defected In The House has recently released their Amsterdam In The House compilation, and it represents three (!) big tunes from Baggi Begovic.

Baggi Begovic teamed up with other great international artists like the Dutch duo Groovenatics and Chocolate Puma. His tracks are supported by Roger Sanchez in his dj sets and of course in his worldwide podcast. Besides Roger is supporting almost all of his tracks, The S.