Addy Van Der Zwan

addyvanderzwanSince the beginning of the 90’s Addy van der Zwan ha s been working as a producer/ DJ with his musical partner in crime Koen Groeneveld. Addy released his first production “The Ultimate Seduction” in 1992. The track became a massive club hit and later a beloved classic.

The first international successes were the tracks “Tempo Fiesta” aka Ittybitty Boozywoozy, which reached the top 40 in the UK Charts. Soon after Addy and Koen founded the group “Klubbheads”. Their first release was called “Klubbhopping”, which even reached the UK top 10. The follower singles “Discohopping”and ‘Kickin’ Hard” also reached the Top 40 charts in the UK.

Due to the great international success , Addy created around 250 remixes for international artists like “Salt n Pepa, Armand van Helden, Sash!, MK, Camisra, Future Breeze, Vanessa Mae, Reel to Real, LeAnn Rimes, 2Unlimited and so on under the alter ego “Klubbheads”. Due to his many successes he also achieved a position in the Top 10 “best remixers of the world” competition.

As a DJ he travelled under the act name “Klubbheads” for many years around most of the world to spin at many exclusive clubs and the biggest events. He played in countries and cities: USA (Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, San Diego), Russia (St. Petersburg, Ninhzy, Novogorod, Moscow), Australia (Perth, Darwin, Sydney), Canada, UK, Spain, Norway, Poland, Letland, Iceland, Estland, Israel, Malta, Romania, Greece and Turkey are only a small example of the long list of gig locations that Klubbheads visited thrilled with their superb club sounds.

In 1999 Addy produced a track called “The Launch” for DJ Jean. The record hit Nr. 2 in the UK Charts, and even reached Nr. 1 in Holland. The follow up song “Love Come Home” reached the Nr. 2 position in the Dutch Charts. Klubbheads also scores big in The Netherlands with the following tracks: “Turn up the Base”, “Hiphopping”, and “Here we Go”.

Addy’s new Project “Hi_Tack”, reached high scores in 2005, achieving a worldwide chart hit with the track ‘Say Say Say (waiting for you)”. Hi_Tack also produces the singles “Somebody’s Watching Me” from Beatfreakz and “Love Sensation” for Loleatta Holloway in 2006, which became massive hits and resulted in a full DJ Schedule and loads of remix requests from many different artists.

At the beginning of 2009, Addy decided to release the track “Nightmare” under his own name and own label ‘Nasty Tunes’. This resulted in a true club hit and the first brick was built towards new successes. The track “Think” also suited the public’s taste. With some of his colleagues and friends Addy produced such tracks as “FunkyBeatz” (with Arturo Sylvestre and Neve Young), “Mia”and “LAX” (with Koen Groeneveld), “Fastevil” (with R3hab and Koen Groeneveld) and with Seductive he produced a remake of the song “The Ultimate Seduction”.

In October 2009 his new track which he produced with R3hab is set to be released: Paul Johnson’s club hit “Get get down”.